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Experienced French Teacher, whom obtained her diploma in London at International House.
Using an interactive methodology, my aim to captivate the attention of the students in order to learn effectively new points of vocabulary and grammar.
After 7 years of experience in Uk, Italy, Spain and now in Switzerland, I offer logical and interesting classes, all set up in a context, with listening, writing exercises always contextualised. From business class to leisure tuition, I used a large variety of support and didactic practices to help the students to improve quickly and be able to use the language right away.


Swiss National I have an extensive experience in teaching adults and hold a Federal Diploma in Adult Training.
Having lived abroad untill I was 21, I love meeting people from all over the world and feel priviledged to help them appreciate even more Geneva by teaching them French.
My creativity, empathy and sense of humor enhance my courses with professionalism in a welcoming atmosphere.


Caroline is a Swiss national, educated at the International School of Geneva and is perfectly bilingual.
She is trained in FLE (teaching French as a Foreign Language) and holds a Proficiency in English. She has been teaching French and English to adults and children individually and in small groups for over 10 years.
Caroline is also a communication specialist who worked worldwide for the International Committee of the Red Cross.
Her multi-cultural skills are a fantastic asset for her students who benefit from a tailored approach to their needs.

Benedict Rimando

Benedict has been teaching French since 2005.
Previously, he was also a high school teacher where he was also a youth team-building trainer, Benedict likes teaching kids and adults through an interactive process.
He studied Philosophy, Theology and Anthropology.
Benedict is married and has two kids.


I am a certified trainer for adults: I teach French as a Foreign Language (FLE) from level A1 to C1 (private and group lessons), I have students from different nationalities.
I have a Bachelor’s degree in English; I worked in diplomatic Embassies and have been member of a writing workshop for ten years: I write short stories in French.
I am Swiss, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic programming) practionner and coach.
Of course, to be in possession of these tools help me in creating and maintaining good relationships with my students.
I am a very patient teacher, I accompany my students with softness, I adopt a program tailored to their needs, I focus on conversation.
In order to do so, I encourage and help students to repeat the same English sentence in French.
A touch of humour is essential in my courses, I use different supports to prepare my lessons: one part of the lesson is prepared, the other part is ”open “: it depends on what will emerge during the class.
Grammatical points are not treated in a traditional way: when, during a conversation, it appears that a point of grammar needs to be treated, we work on it.
Each situation needs specific vocabulary, and each student has specific goals to reach.
My students speak more than me; my role is to guide them in order to help them cope with their daily lives.
We can’t do bad work when we are happy and motivated to see our students, and love our job!


I have been teaching French as a Foreign Language since 2012 from level A1 to level C1 to adults, young adults, and children between 8 and 12.
My classes are fun and encouraging and I always adapt my approach according to the students and their needs.

Bilingual French-Finnish, I have completed my primary, secondary, and university education in bilingual institutions in Algeria, Finland, and Belgium.
Besides teaching French classes I am a professional English-Finnish and French-Finnish translator and also fluent in Portuguese.
I am thus able to teach in English, Portuguese, and Finnish.

Marise Aline

Marise Aline
Marise Aline is a Swiss and French national.
She is an experienced tutor and has been teaching French (FLE) in Geneva and abroad to adults and children at all levels in small groups and on a one-to-one basis.
Customizing her tuition to each student's needs as well as using a wide range of didactic methods, her classes are always interesting and lively with relevant grammar-based exercises.
She particularly enjoys teaching children and people with disabilities through comprehensive dynamic conversations, writing short stories, role-plays, singing or acting.
As she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Languages (LEA) as well as a Translation Degree, she is fluent in English, Spanish and can also converse in Portuguese.
Career-wise she worked for some NGOs and for the UN in the Development and Humanitarian programmes often based worldwide therefore offering her the opportunity to live in various places such as Madrid, London, Mexico and India.
Moreover she is a talented translator and thorough editor with strong interpersonal skills, not only kind, patient and dynamic but naturally a very creative person.


I have been teaching French as a Foreign Language since 2006 from level A1 to level C2 to adults, students, and children between 6 and 12.
My classes are professionnal, fun and encouraging and I always adapt my approach according to the students and their needs.

French-Algerian, I have completed my primary, secondary, and university education in France, England (King's College London), and Switzerland (University of Geneva).

Besides teaching French classes I have been working as a lawyer (juriste) and I am also fluent in Arabic and English.
I am thus able to teach in French and English, and I studied Arabic, Spanish and Russian. I am experienced in Geneva and Lausanne as I also work in three private schools.


Having taught French to students from the age of 5 to +50 years old for more than 4 years at the Alliance Française, Riva is a native and certified French teacher.
She has done a teacher training in Vichy (France) and has also corrected the official DELF DALF exams.
Grown up in Brussels and having done a French high school in Copenhagen, Riva can assess student's needs and create a customized learning program suited to each of them.


Laurent is born in Geneva and graduated from Ecole Supérieure des Arts Visuels.
He has been teaching French since he was a student and over the last 20 years has taught students from almost every country, from complete beginners to advanced learners.
He loves to assist to the miracle of someone without any knowledge of French starting to calibrate it and his mouth and brain for this demanding language.
As a musician (singer, saxophone), Laurent puts emphasis on the music of the language and does a lot of phonetics.
He can probably guess from which country you are after a few sentences, and offer particular exercises for the particular difficulties related to your language.
As a traveller with a passion for seeing the world, teaching for Laurent is a way to continue traveling even when staying in Geneva .

Juan Maria

Juan Maria
Juan María is originally from Spain and has been teaching French and English since 2010.
Juan María holds a degree/certificate in Multilingual Communication from the University of Geneva and another degree in English Language and Literature from the Universitat Jaume I of Castellón.
Juan María has previously taught in Castellón and Valencia.

Juan María has worked with students ranging from A1 to B2 level of proficiency, particularly with those who focus on conversation. In addition to his native language, Juan María is also proficient in English, French and Catalan.


My name is Juan, I am 23 years old and I come from Spain.
I completed both primary and secondary school in Spain, and I moved to Geneva for my university studies in translation.
I obtained my Bachelor's degree in 2015 (work languages Spanish-English-French).
I am currently a second-year student of the Master's degree in Economic and Legal Translation, also in Geneva.
During my studies, I taught Spanish as a foreign language to people of diverse level and age.


Nikita developed a true passion for languages since very young age as he grew up in an international and bilingual environment. He has an acute understanding of the difficulties to which students are subjected when learning a new language as he himself underwent this process and continues to do so nowadays (he currently speaks 7 languages but keeps improving his Chinese and German).
Nikita is, in fact, a recent graduate from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) in Translation and Interpreting with the following working languages: Spanish-English-French-German-Russian. He also holds a Bachelor degree from the University of Geneva in Multilingual Communication and is currently enrolled in a master’s programme at the Global Studies Institute in Geneva as well as a postgraduate programme in language teaching for migrants in Spain.
Nikita has been a language coach since 2012 in the Canary Islands, he specializes on preparing students for their upcoming tests, admission exams or just helping them improve in the above mentioned set of languages. He uses audio-visual content to support a dynamic approach for appropriate language acquisition, which also takes into account the specific needs of a student. Finally, Nikita always focuses on cultural aspects of the language and country concerned..


Sandra is a professional teacher since 1998. She has a degree in teaching French and Portuguese and a qualification from Instituto Cervantes to teach Spanish. She taught french (FLE) in many schools, public and private (also students from different nationalities) in Portugal. She has a large experience with teenagers and students with several difficulties in learning like dyslexia, poor concentration, hyperactivity and syndromes (asperger and down).
Sandra moved to Geneva in January 2013 where she started teaching French (FLE) to adults.
She’s a very sociable person. She creates a nice relationship with her students and her classes are always pleasant. Her students learn easily and feel motivated, confident and comfortable. She loves teaching!She speaks 4 languages.


was born in Barcelona, Spain, where she lived until age 10. Then she moved to anBuenos Aires, Argentina. She attended a french school since age 5, and then taught French and English for adults and adolescents while she was studying at University. She has language proficiency certificates in French and English.
She is a Professor in Anthropology (graduated with Honors at the UBA) and is currently undergoing a MA in Latin American Literary Studies (UNTREF). She is part of a research team specialised on Methodologies and Applications of Complexity and Chaos to Social Sciences, based at the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature, University of Buenos Aires), where she taught at several seminars .
Magdalena has experience in audiovisual media in the areas of script and direction, and in 2012 won a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts (FNA) for the realization of his first documentary film "El Abra”. She has taught writing and filmmaking lessons as a freelance, for individuals and groups. She worked at the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) as Assistant to the Director and Program Assistant, and with the International Organization for Migration (IOM-IOM) as a Regional Public Information Officer at the Regional Office for South America
She is a long term collaborator with the only romani association in Argentina: AICRA-Skokra (Asociación Identidad Cultural Romaní de Argentina), acting as part of its executive board.
She lives in Geneva.


Johanna was born and raised in France. With a keen interest in English and Spanish languages and culture, she travelled to New York, Spain, the UK and more recently she lived in Ireland for 4 years.
She taught English for years but as French is her mother tongue, she also taught French for years to children, young adults and adults of diverse nationalities in various contexts (academic, professional or casual).
She finds both learning and teaching languages very enriching on a personal and professional level. So she aims at helping her students to reach their goals and develop good communication skills. Above all, Johanna loves French language itself and French speaking culture and it is with much pleasure that she teaches and shares her knowledge.


Founder & CEO
Is a Geneva based French as a Foreign Language tutor. Anouche has taught French to both adults and children from across the world over the last 20 years, as a professional hobby out of passion for teaching and love for the French language, making it her prime job since 2005. Non-conventional approach of French teaching through a mix of different techniques (Internet, books, written and oral exercises, conversation, in situ exercises, role-plays, interview preparation). Her classes are lively and interactive, always on top of students’ needs. Although born in Geneva, she has grown up in New York City. She has studied 10 languages in total and speaks six languages. She teaches adults from intermediate to advanced levels (B1 to C2).

Anouche holds a Baccalaureate in Ancient Greek and Latin, thus at ease with etymology, academic and conversational French. She also holds a Master’s degree in Marketing and Management from Webster University in Geneva. She has extensive experience in the financial field where she has written many financial articles both in French and English. She has also done translation work for different international companies.

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