French Language School in Lausanne

French courses in Lausanne

Learn French fast in our French language school in Lausanne. We offer different French language courses tailored to your unique requirements. Our french school in Lausanne covers all levels and a variety of needs:

  • 1. French for beginners in Lausanne:
  • For beginners we propose a range of tailored basic French lessons in Lausanne and French speaking lessons for beginners in Lausanne.
  • 2. Advanced French lessons in Lausanne:
  • For those already having a command of French we offer different intermediate french lessons in Lausanne, advanced French classes in Lausanne, and French conversation classes in Lausanne.
  • 3. Intensive french language course in Lausanne:
  • For people needing to learn French quickly, we recommend taking our “Intensive Premier Package” which is an intensive French course in Lausanne that serves as a French immersion course: We guarantee that you will jump to the next level of DELF or DALF exams in JUST ONE WEEK. So if you were an A1 you are guaranteed to be an A2 after one week.
  • 4. French language certification in Lausanne:
  • We will coach you to succeed in the internationally recognised DELF and DALF exams.
  • 5. French classes for kids in Lausanne:
  • Our experienced teachers offer also fun and exciting French lessons for kids in Lausanne.