The benefits of learning a foreign language on our brain.

By A. Meyer 04-03-2020

Learning a language is not easy and requires a lot of efforts.

But in spite of everything, it brings us much more than just mastering a new language.

It would have positive benefits on our brains. 


When we learn a new language, our ability to listen, understand, comprehend, use concentration and memorization act simultaneously and ... so they involve several distinct areas of our brain. But what are their benefits?


Our Brain: A Muscle in Constant Evolution


Apparently and according to a Swedish scientific study, the structure of the brain would change in students intensively learning a language.  

Researchers were able to observe that their hippocampus - the part of the brain involved in memory and emotions - and three areas of the cerebral cortex had developped at the end of the study. 

This proves that learning a language is a good way to keep our brain in good shape. 


The impact of a language and its benefits:

Compared to other learning, we develop skills that are cognitive skills when learning a language which impacts our structures but also positive changes. Here is a summary (without going into details, as there are many scientific explanations) for these cognitive benefits, which are :

- Improvement in recognizing different sounds

- The development of our intuition

- Filter out unnecessary information to increase the efficiency of our concentration. 

- Learning to make mistakes or make them again without worrying about them.

- To become or be more creative

- Strengthening our intercultural competence

- To make rational decisions 

- Preventing attacks of dementia and delaying the symptoms of the Alzheimer's disease


So you see that now all these efforts are not in vain and can improve your health.  

So now you have no excuses to learn a new language. All you have to do just get on with it. So are you up for the challenge?