Learning a language : how ?

By Anais M. 29-08-2019

When we want to start learning a language, we have a lot of possibilities : many apps,
Youtube videos, books, travels, movies, songs, group lesson, private lesson, CD’s, DVD’s
or even with friends or family. But before getting to the heart of the matter, learning a
new language, you have to choose between all those possibilities. But why do you have
to choose between everything when you can have everything by having your own
teacher ?
With a private teacher, you’ll find what you need, when you’ll need it with the best
approach depending of who you are. To me, learning a language is more a matter of
sharing something then just learning things. Even if you’re a really good student, the
app and those similar things will never tell you why you’re wrong with five different
examples, it will never know you as a teacher can so he/she will be able to ask you why
you didn’t understand something, you’ll never have the kind of exercices you need and
you’ll give up because, without telling lie, it’s hard !
Learning a new language have to be something you want, not something you have to.
And for this, you need to be happy with the idea of working to achieve your goal ! A2,
B1, it doesn’t make sense for you ? Tell to a teacher what you want to be able to do,
he/she will be able to tell you which level you’ll need for that. You are really busy and
you need easy way to learn a little bit everyday ? Not so hard for us to find the perfect
balance. Having someone, only for you, it’s a precious opportunity : you are the center
of attention, you are the focus of your teacher. Here’s the best way to progress.
That is why, when I meet people who want to learn a new language, starting from zero
to get a fluent level, my advice is always the same : find the teacher able to understand
what you need and if you have the opportunity, travel ! Without humanity, how can you
learn a human language ?